Carol Schmitt

For over 20 years, I have helped people overcome the inhibitors stalling their adoption of new technologies. I’ve recently moved to Sonoma County and want to help you do the same. I’d also appreciate your advice on great trails less travelled and SUP/paddle locations.

Claudia Cleaver

Claudia Cleaver

Claudia has been a principal at Morse & Cleaver Architects designing award-winning green buildings since 1982 and a registered architect since 1980. She is committed to creating beautiful, healthy, and sustainable buildings and has worked on a wide range of building types, including low-cost housing, eco and co-housing villages, sacred buildings, resorts, offices and homes. Her experience includes several alternative building methods such as straw bale, cob, concrete structural panels and insulated concrete forms. Claudia is a LEED AP, a Permaculture designer, and has studied Feng Shui and Sacred Architecture/Geometry. She is a long-time member of Architect Designer Planners for Social Responsibility and a founding member and past board president of the Redwood Empire Chapter of the US Green Building Council.

Caitlyn Thomasson

Hello! I am a student and president of an environmental club at Santa Rosa Junior College. I am studying Environmental Studies for transfer to UC Santa Cruz. I am passionate about protecting the earth’s resources for future generations by raising awareness of humanity’s interconnectedness and interdependence through education and community food systems. I am a youth member for the Sonoma County Environmental Education Collaborative, a fellow of the Leadership Institute for Ecology and Economy, and leader of EcoLeaders club on my school campus with the purpose of fostering and engaging an community of eco-conscious students. WE are the change we wish to see.

Kent Yonker

I am on a mission to educate better methods and material to build with. We can build Net Zero and noncombustible building envelopes that can be built at for similar cost.
I have spent the last 40 years learning how to build better structures. I am an expert in building envelopes and have been involved in hundreds of Insulated Concrete Form projects.
Before you decide on a building method let’s talk. I have strategies to upgrade all building methods to be more fire safe and use less energy. We can discuss the strengths and weakness of each building method.

Richard Wodehouse

I am using my 43 years of experience building fine homes helping homeowners with the building process from design thorugh construction completion. Building a home can be a predictable and enjoyable experience with the help of a construction expert on your side.
My role is typically referred to as: Owner’s Representative or Project Manager. The savings I can achieve are far greater than my relatiavelly small fee.

Leslie Sheridan

● Business founder & owner planet-saving startup (Planet Cents) (
● Seasoned (27+ years) B2B sales/business development executive
● Validated hunter, trailblazer, and rainmaker
● Business founder & owner for 22 years (The Added Edge)
● Startup and turnaround junkie (3+)
● Human resource consultant (37+ years)
● Personal development coach (30+ years) – not fluffy “life coaching!”

Miriam Landman

Miriam Landman is a sustainability advisor, writer, editor, and educator. She provides practical and professional guidance on green living, sustainable land use, green building / materials, green operations, and other strategies for sustainability and climate resilience. Miriam founded M. Landman Communications & Consulting in 2005. She also publishes blog.

Miriam has been writing and working in the environmental field for about 25 years. She brings a broad set of skills, interests, and knowledge to her work. The goals of her work are to communicate and facilitate positive actions for sustainability.

Her services include developing written materials and online resources (research, editing, proofreading, and/or writing); she also provides consultations and educational presentations.

Previously, she was senior associate with Simon & Associates Green Building Consultants (where she consulted on dozens of prominent LEED certified projects), and earlier in her career she was a producer and reporter for public radio’s Living on Earth program.

Bob Theis

The second architect in the state to permit a straw able building, in 1992 By keeping homes compact, they are easier to bring to life and relate to the outdoors. Focused on matters of life and depth.

Dietmar Lorenz

Dietmar Lorenz has been devoted to green building from the beginning of his career in Germany. Practicing in the Bay Area for 20+ years, his broad experience with environmentally friendly architecture includes several zero-energy buildings, recognized by LEED Gold and Platinum awards. He helped pioneer alternative building materials and methods, such as straw bale construction, living roofs, water conservation, and innovative mechanical systems, always seeking the synthesis into a well-balanced design that achieves all goals on a low-carbon footprint. As an architect, Dietmar works closely with his clients to create site-responsive, beautiful buildings that conserve natural resources and are healthy for the inhabitants.

Angela Conte

Angela is a Creative Social Visionary and Real Estate Development Consultant who designs unique places for people to live and thrive. Places like “Hive Tech Living Environments” which are affordable green mixed-use shared communities. She also designed a new type of micro-living economy under a company called Urbin Orbits Inc. which combines affordable basic living resources with a self-generating economic development under a closed loop virtual banking system. Her projects are socially future-focused and ecologically balanced with a women’s understanding of social inclusion and aesthetics. She is also the visionary of the first ever self-cleaning eco-village. You can view this and other project slideshows at

Steven Lefler

My efforts have been to solve affordable housing by not using traditional construction but take a common sense application, introduce building energy efficient using factory built houses. We brought Solar and factory built into an ideal marriage of home technology using a roof solar shingle. We had teamed up with Dow Chemical to use their product as the factory built home’s roof. The concept is called Building Integration Photo Voltaic or BIPV. The simplicity of solar was successful. The goal is to connect all home electric operating appliances to the total generation output of the solar array for Net Zero or “off-The-Grid applications.. The home was approved by SCE for NEM interconnection to the utility for ON GRID. We Cased studied it for one year. We presented our Tiny House 395 square foot “Quest” Off-The-Grid concept home on the CA State Capitol West Lawn (Aug 2014) to explore government officials interest in for future ADU applications. We built an award winning energy efficient “Net Zero” modular home to proven Zero Net energy usage before 2020 mandate. It was selected as the “Home of the Month” by MHBA and a “Green Home Award participation” by the USGBC-C4. It has been honored with 2014 PGE “Ca Advanced Home Rebate” and is a CPUC Case Study. Prior to 2012, Green Awards: (1) 2011 MHI National Award Winning home (3) 2010,2011 and 2012 Award Winning Homes for the Ojai Valley Green home Tour,
Our experience in creating new ideas, sharing to the factory, and for them to provide affordable factory built with “Green” technologies is now possible. We strive for real results using our “Plug-n-Play” home design. Home buyers are amazed that other company’s are not nor share performance home results. It creates excitement. When one takes risks; rewards are sure to follow.