Jane Elias

As the Energy and Sustainability Program Manager, Jane oversees various community programs in order to accomplish the Division’s goal to promote and deliver solutions necessary to mitigate environmental impacts and address climate change. Through these resources and programs, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and local job generation is achieved. Jane works closely with a number of partner agencies, governments, non-profits, contractors and other private entities to accomplish the Division’s goal.

The central functions of the Division include tracking and reporting County operations’ internal utility services, facilitating reduction of internal greenhouse gas emissions, participating in regional coordination efforts, leveraging best practice and policy development efforts, educating the public about the benefits of upgrades, and offering workforce development opportunities.

Jane holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, San Diego. She has been involved in energy efficiency, building science, green building and renewable energy for nearly 20 years and holds certifications in each of these sectors.

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