Christina Bertea

Christina has been teaching hands-on greywater and rainwater installation workshops for the nonprofit Greywater Action since 2007 when they were still the underground culture-shifting Greywater Guerrillas. She helped craft the much improved 2010 CA greywater code that has enabled widespread adoption of greywater reuse. At that time she proposed that the plumbing code require greywater stub outs for future irrigation systems. She advocates that it is now even more imperative that all homes and remodels be plumbed to be “Greywater Ready”. (i.e. drainage plumbing can be installed so that this invaluable water resource is easy and affordable to access for future reuse) .
As a union-trained plumbing contractor with a background in plumbing rammed earth and straw bale homes, Christina also installs rainwater and greywater systems and helps train professional installers.
Her passions include creating eco art to raise awareness about water issues, and lecturing about the urgency of rehydrating the land and restoring the “soil carbon sponge” to help alleviate climate chaos.