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The Rebuild Green EXPO is a came out of a concern from many quarters following the catastrophic fires in the North Bay of 2017. A group of green building professionals, community organizers and others formed the Rebuild Green Coalition under the auspices of the Ecological Building Network, a North Bay 501c3 organization that specializes in developing and disseminating information on healthy, low-carbon building.

The group spent a day together developing a framework for what it means to rebuild green, and following that effort it became clear that the next step was to take the ideas to homeowners, building professionals, and other stakeholders to encourage sustainable, resilient building.

The first Rebuild Green EXPO in February, 2018 was a huge success, drawing as many as 2000 interested people. By popular demand, we are proud to present Rebuild Green EXPO 2019, with an even larger array of great ideas, tips, products and professionals to make choosing green easy and affordable.

Ecological Building Network (EBNet) is the fiscal sponsor for Rebuild Green Coalition and the Rebuild Green EXPO.

Hosting Organizations

EXPO Organizing Team

The following people constitute the core organizing team for the 2019 EXPO

Bryce Dow-Williamson, Second Octave Media – Bryce handles the venue logistical organization, media outreach, marketing outreach.

Ann Edminster, Design AVEnues – Ann serves as advisor and cat herder for overall EXPO education and content.

Sarah King, Ecological Building Network – Sarah manages administration, finances, exhibitor liaison and most other management for the EXPO.

Steve Sheldon, USGBC, Redwood Empire – Steve serves on the team as content advisor and education organizer.

Alima Silverman, Architect – Alima serves as main education coordinator and general exhibitor outreach coordinator in addition to other administration duties.

Ted Tiffany, Guttman & Blaevoet РTed serves as exhibitor outreach and education advisor.

Additional Organizers

Julia Donohoe, AIA Redwood Empire

Bruce King, Ecological Building Network

Oren Wool, Sustainable Northbay

Ecological Building Network is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Tax id: 20-2986662.

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