SimpliPhi Power, Inc.

SimpliPhi Power designs and manufactures efficient, non-toxic and enduring energy storage and management systems that seamlessly integrate any power generation source – grid, generators, solar, wind – in conjunction with or independent of the grid. Without energy storage, renewable sources of power are intermittent and unreliable, but so too is the grid in emergency and black out scenarios in which the centralized delivery of power breaks down. SimpliPhi’s mission is to empower people and communities globally to generate, store and utilize power on their terms, anytime, anywhere, on or off-grid. SimpliPhi combines safe, non-hazardous lithium ion ferrous phosphate (LFP) energy storage chemistry with its proprietary cell and battery architecture, power electronics and Battery Management System (BMS) to create safe, reliable, durable and highly scalable on-demand power solutions for the residential, commercial, military, emergency response and film industries. SimpliPhi Power storage system components are UL certified and have been deployed and rigorously tested and passed requirements by the U.S. Army and Marine Corps since 2010. All our PHI batteries and integrated home products, the AccESS and PowerBank, are manufactured in our factory in Ojai, CA.

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