Beausoleil Architects

Beausoleil Architects was founded in 1992 by our two principals, Robert and Christine Boles, a husband and wife team. Bob began his professional career working on the first all solar heated subdivision in the United States, Village Homes, in Davis, California. This project remains inspirational as the design was not just about energy efficiency, but about building community and connections to nature, a real place to live lives and raise children. Our experience working on commercial projects has taught us that “God is in the details”, as stated by the preeminent modern architect Mies van der Rohe. Our drawings contain more details than most residential architects, and contractors as well as homeowners appreciate the added value in our work.

We are a San Francisco Certified Green Business, Certified Green Building Professionals and Green Point Rater with Build it Green, and Christine is a certified Passive House Designer. We are currently working to design some of the most sustainable homes in the Bay Area.

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