BamCore LLC

Code compliant structural and non-structural panels are manufactured from timber bamboo in the U.S. You’ll build stronger, faster and greener with BamCore.

Patented panelized walls eliminate woods studs to reduce thermal bridging and save operating dollars’ year after year. You’ll have the option to increase your wall thickness from 2×4 up to 2×12 for only the cost of the extra insulation with BamCore.

Save time and money. Cost is comparable to 2×6 stud framing with installation speeds materially faster than traditional building. You’ll get the job done faster, easier and cleaner with BamCore.

Every wall is straight, smooth and solid. You’ll no longer add blocking or search for studs to hang molding, trim, art, entertainment centers or cabinetry with BamCore.

Panels are fabricated to fit your job’s exact dimensions. You’ll be taking all the guesswork out of framing with BamCore.

Quiet homes and workplaces add productivity and peace of mind. You’ll get an excellent Sound Transmission Class rating of 52 in every stud-less exterior wall with BamCore.

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