Host Organizers

EXPO Organizing Team

The following people constitute the core organizing team for the 2019 EXPO

Bryce Dow-Williamson, Second Octave Media – Bryce handles the venue logistical organization, media outreach, marketing outreach.

Ann Edminster, Design AVEnues – Ann serves as advisor and cat herder for overall EXPO education and content.

Sarah King, Ecological Building Network – Sarah manages administration, finances, exhibitor liaison and most other management for the EXPO.

Steve Sheldon, USGBC, Redwood Empire – Steve serves on the team as content advisor and education organizer.

Alima Silverman, Architect – Alima serves as main education coordinator and general exhibitor outreach coordinator in addition to other administration duties.

Ted Tiffany, Guttman & Blaevoet РTed serves as exhibitor outreach and education advisor.

Additional Organizers

Julia Donohoe, AIA Redwood Empire

Bruce King, Ecological Building Network

Oren Wool, Sustainable Northbay

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